HighballTV Collections

HighballTV Collections

HighballTV Collections
  • Present Tense

    9 videos

    "What I want is to make people feel the passing of time."

    These words of Chantal Akerman run like a thread through this program selection. For more than two decades, directors from around the world have used time and long duration to investigate and explore what it means to be human today. Yet, ...

  • No Ordinary Love

    20 videos

    These films aren't your ordinary love stories. Enjoy a myriad of cinema that explores romance, relationships and all the emotions and complications that come with them. Featuring a range of films exploring sweet love and romance, what it means to be hurt and the consequences of revenge, and docum...

  • The Creative Life

    10 videos

    The team here at Highball TV are always drawn to films which celebrate art and illustrate the power of creativity. This collection features a number of films which do just that. Between them, they portray the ways in which theatre, film, dance, art and music can inspire others, give a voice to th...

  • National Film Board of Canada

    16 videos

    Initially known as the National Film Commission, the National Film Board of Canada was created in 1939. Its mandated mission is to provide new perspectives on Canada and the world from Canadian points of view, perspectives that are not provided by anyone else and that serve Canadian and global au...

  • LGBTQ2S+ Stories

    7 videos

    A collection of films exploring LGBTQ2S+ stories from around the globe. Documentaries, shorts and features that delve into joy, freedom, love, as well oppressive societies, lived trauma and overcoming daily fear. Come along for the journey with some amazing complicated characters and subjects who...

  • Outside of the Lines: Hybrid and Experimental Cinema

    12 videos

    A collection of cinema that pushes traditional narrative structures and chooses to expand our understanding of storytelling. Allow yourself to let go of ways you interpret film while watching any of these films that either experiment, combine documentary and fiction, contort plots and characters,...

  • Classic Horror

    10 videos

    Things are going bump in the night in black and white in this collection of classic horror, which features icons of the genre, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi.

  • Mid-Length Movies

    11 videos

    Do you find shorts too short? Don't have enough time for a feature length film? We've got you covered. This collection of fiction films and documentaries highlights movies that fall somewhere between the two, with running times from 30 minutes to an hour.