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  • In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey

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    Official Selection London Raindance Film Festival

    The legendary American guitarist, composer and provocateur John Fahey is often considered the godfather of 'American primitive guitar'. This documentary features Pete Townshend, Chris Funk of The Decemberists and Joey Burns of Calexico. These s...

  • NOW PLAYING - Band Ladies Deluxe Edition!

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    NOW PLAYING! Own the digital original series "Band Ladies" and will you be one of the very first to see it! You'll also get your hands on a digital download of the soundtrack right now, so you can listen anywhere, anytime!

    Five women, sick of their repetitive lives and boring book club, find fre...

  • Rent LUBA on HighballTV!

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    Winner of the 51st Annual Worldfest Houston Film Festival, The Canadian FIim Fest, Idyllwild, Borderscene, and more HighballTV is proud to offer this gorgeous film, available now!

    A working-class single mother tries to turn life around for herself and her son, only to be thrust into a fight for ...

  • Rent The Drawer Boy movie

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    Looking for to add the DVD to your collection? You can buy those are here: https://lickst.at/DrawerBoyOnDVD

    TIFF Film Circuit
    Winner Canadian Film Festival
    Winner Heartland Film Festival
    Winner Sedona Film Festival

    It’s 1971 and a Toronto performance troupe ventures out to Ontario’s countryside...