Titles Available for Purchase

  • Kosac (The Reaper)

    3 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    Toronto International Film Festival
    Raindance Film Festival
    Rotterdam International Film Festival
    Helsinki International Film Festival

    Three stories taking place during a single night and dealing with Ivo in different ways, gradually give us a gloomy picture of Ivo's life and of the whole area ...

  • The Drawer Boy
    5 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    The Drawer Boy

    5 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    Looking for a physical DVD? Those are here: https://lickst.at/DrawerBoyOnDVD

    TIFF Film Circuit
    Winner Canadian Film Festival
    Winner Heartland Film Festival
    Winner Sedona Film Festival

    It’s 1971 and a Toronto performance troupe ventures out to Ontario’s countryside to research a theatre p...

  • Robin & Mark & Richard III

    2 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    Over the course of three years, Martha Burns and Susan Coyne filmed the late theatre director Robin Phillips and performer Mark McKinney (The Kids in the Hall) rehearsing a piece from Shakespeare’s Richard III at Robin’s home outside of Stratford. Eventually joined by the actor Christine Horne, a...

  • In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey

    17 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    Official Selection London Raindance Film Festival

    The legendary American guitarist, composer and provocateur John Fahey is often considered the godfather of 'American primitive guitar'. This documentary features Pete Townshend, Chris Funk of The Decemberists and Joey Burns of Calexico. These s...