The Weird and The Wonderful

The Weird and The Wonderful

This collection celebrates films which swing for the fences, taking bold, idiosyncratic approaches to storytelling. These films are linked by the filmmaker's willingness to challenge audience expectations and play with genre conventions, resulting in daring, fantastical and, occasionally, downright odd, movies that are equally compelling and surprising.

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The Weird and The Wonderful
  • Six Reasons Why

    In a future where society has come full circle and man lives by the code of the guns at his side, a fugitive, a vengeful son, a killer, and a servant stand in a four-way face-off from which only one man can walk away. To the east lies seven boomtowns connected by railroad, and to the west is a Ut...

  • Brief Story From The Green Planet

    Berlin International Film Festival
    ACID program, Cannes Film Festival
    Thessaloniki International Film Festival

    Argentinian director Santiago Loza's highly imaginative, and consistently surprising, Brief Story From The Green Planet premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2019, going on to win th...

  • Maggie

    "Exuberantly nonsensical debut from South Korea’s Yi Okseop"

    Busan International Film Festival
    International Film Festival Rotterdam
    Fantasia International Film Festival

    Stylish and surreal, Yi Okseop's bold debut feature is part relationship drama, part sci-fi, part comedic satire, and a lot m...

  • Origami

    Fantasia International Film Festival
    Quebec City Film Festival
    Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival

    This sci-fi thriller focusses on David (François Arnaud), a man on a unique trip that doesn't take him from one place to another but from one moment in time to another. Seeking to better u...

  • Papagajka

    Damir provides security in a quiet building in Sarajevo where he lives. His life is secluded and reclusive until a mysterious young woman inserts herself into every aspect of his life, threatening his very existence.