Outside of the Lines: Hybrid and Experimental Cinema

Outside of the Lines: Hybrid and Experimental Cinema

A collection of cinema that pushes traditional narrative structures and chooses to expand our understanding of storytelling. Allow yourself to let go of ways you interpret film while watching any of these films that either experiment, combine documentary and fiction, contort plots and characters, or create a hybrid of sorts, to enjoy cinema in a different way.

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Outside of the Lines: Hybrid and Experimental Cinema
  • Ivana The Terrible

    "Family is family across the world, and the fights and familial bonds are all the same. Ivana The Terrible is an incredible relatable film." Film Threat

    Locarno Film Festival
    Thessaloniki International Film Festival
    Göteborg Film Festival

    A deeply personal film from director Ivana Mladenovic, I...

  • Obscuro Barroco

    "a dreamy acid trip through Rio de Janeiro’s queer nightlife." Now Magazine

    Berlin International Film Festival
    Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival
    Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

    In her dreamlike, essayistic film Obscuro Barroco, Greek director Evangelia ...

  • Diciembres

    “Diciembres” blends together archive footage and fictional scenes – using a poetic style that viscerally recreates moments from the invasion." - Variety

    Diciembres centres on the US invasion of Panama in 1989 and a reconciliation among survivors a decade later in December 1999 when a photographe...

  • The Stone Speakers

    "Drljaca's camera travels each scene with slow insistence on its remarkable beauty." Globe and Mail

    Toronto International Film Festival
    Berlin International Film Festival
    Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montréal

    Igor Drjaca's documentary is a complex and insightful examination of the modern-day tour...

  • Lapü

    Sundance Film Festival
    Berlin International Film Festival
    Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

    A young Wayúu woman named Doris has a dream that she reunites with her deceased cousin. When she tells her grandmother about the dream they decide that her vision is the inception of an ancient ritual. Do...

  • Querencia (Homing)

    " ...an inspiring tale about one particular farmer who is struggling to overcome a traumatic event." Cineuropa

    Berlin Film Festival
    Indie Lisboa International Film Festival
    Jeonju International Film Festival

    Helvécio Marins Jr.'s film centres on Marcelo (Marcelo di Souza), an easygoing cowboy a...

  • Thirty Souls

    "...in equal parts magical, haunting, mysterious and tangible." Cineuropa

    Berlin Film Festival
    San Sebastian International Film Festival

    Twelve-year-old Alba longs to discover the mysterious, unknown reality of death in director Diana Toucedo's debut feature, an intensely atmospheri...

  • Figures

    "This black-and-white study of human endurance, communication and compassion manages to be both austere and moving." Hollywood Reporter

    San Sebastian International Film Festival
    Torino Film Festival

    Living in Barcelona, Stella is an Argentinian without any papers and suffers from ALS. As her li...

  • La Soledad

    'a flower of a film amid the ruins of Caracas' The Guardian

    Venice Film Festival
    Miami International Film Festival Winner

    A vivid and intimate account of the Venezuelan crisis told through the real-life struggle of a young father trying to save his family from the demolition of their home.


  • Spoon

    Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
    Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

    There are many aspects that have defined our turn towards modernity and our plunge into the post-modern era. There are the ways in which we communicate, there are the ways in which we travel, the ways in which we work an...

  • FOGO

    Cannes Film Festival
    Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
    Moscow Film Festival

    Dark clouds hang over the island of Fogo. An evacuation order has been issued as a result of an increasing decay of the local community. People leave, often reluctantly, but they submit to their fate. And so do tw...

  • O laboratório (The Laboratory)

    Incuna International Film Festival

    A Tarkovskian Stalker-like atmosphere surrounds Fernando José Pereira’s O laboratório. The ruins we traverse, they are a landscape of memories. Memories of the past, above all. But they also foreshadow a future, a future of ‘life after life’, a f...

  • A Place Called Lloyd


    A huge, over-towering hangar is opened. The static camera is positioned at a distance, so that the full grandeur of the hangar and simultaneously that of the Bolivian airline Lloyd Aereo Boliviano is shown. Danish director Sebastian Cordes’s A Place Called Lloyd is a record of loyal...

  • Centaur

    Sarajevo Film Festival

    First, a black screen with a woman’s whisper in the background. Then, a naked man with a horse-shaped head walking towards the camera. Aleksandra Niemczyk’s film Centaur begins obscure, almost otherworldly. Vlado, a man in his late forties, early fifties, strug...

  • Letters from the Desert (Eulogy To Slowness)

    Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
    Montreal World Film Festival

    One defining characteristic of our post-modern life is the drastic change of our ways of communication. In the last fifteen to twenty years, emails and text messages have cast aside letters as a preferred way of communicat...

  • El Corral Y El Viento (The Corral And The Wind)

    Cinéma du Réel

    Returning home, experiencing time, exploring traces from the past. Miguel Hilari, from Bolivia, uses his camera to look into the past, and created with El corral y el viento a film that seems like a portrait of another time. Hilari returned to the Aymara village of his fat...

  • Mobilize

    Sundance Film Festival
    Toronto International Film Festival

    Caroline Monet's short film Mobilize flows seamlessly through the rushing waterways of the far north parallel to the fast-paced urban south, witnessing the hasty streets of a city and the charging force of a canoe on water. In tandem wi...

  • Luk'Luk'I

    Toronto International Film Festival
    Edinburgh Internatonal Film Festival
    Vancouver International Film Festival

    Wayne Wapeemukwa's powerful portrait of five Vancouverites during the 2010 Winter Olympics utilizes doc/fiction hybrid techniques to give voice to those living on the margins of Canadi...

  • Black President

    Berlin International Film Festival
    Durban International Film Festival
    New Horizons Film Festival

    Mpumelelo Mcata’s debut documentary feature is an inventive and complex film looking at the life and work of Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiuarai. The film uses the artist's 2011 exhibition ‘State of ...

  • Bodkin Ras

    Rotterdam International Film Festival Winner
    SXSW Film Festival
    Viennale Film Festival Winner

    The people in Forres don't work. Between 9 and 5 they dissolve into the pubs, where the light shines as a warm glow in their midst. Then the stranger Bodkin arrives into town. He has come to this remot...