Wapikoni Territory and Environment Programme Two

Wapikoni Territory and Environment Programme Two

Exploring the healing abilities and gifts that our surroundings can provide us, Territory and Environment Programme Two is made up of short films that show us how we can rise up and show up for the world around us, and how in exchange it can do the same for its people.

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Wapikoni Territory and Environment Programme Two
  • Traditional Healing

    A young woman dances in a devastated forest. Then a miracle occurs.

    Canada - 2013 - 2m 2s
    Directed By: Raymond Caplin

  • Inuk Hunter

    A poetic and contemplative film about an Inuk man hunting for northern lights with his camera.

    Canada - 2016 - 4m 4s
    Directed By: George Annanack
    Written By: George Annanack

  • Les Nomades (The Nomads)

    Elders from a remote Innu village recall what the nomad life used to mean for their people. We learn all about the knowledge and rituals of a former nomadic people.

    Canada - 2017 - 10m 24s
    Directed By: Kateri Jade Lalo

  • The Three Sisters Community Garden

    Zachary Greenleaf, a young Mi’gmaq from Gesgapegiag, tries to reintroduce the "three sisters" (the traditional white corn, squash and beans used in Native gardens) in his community with the help of youth in the community.

    Canada - 2016 - 5m 22s
    Directed By: Zachary Greenleaf

  • Airstrip

    On the unceded Anishnabe territory sits an old abandoned airstrip. Built without the consent of the Anishnabe people, this airstrip becomes a metaphor for Haylee to address clear cutting and the impacts it has on her family's traditional lifestyle.

    Canada - 2014 - 3m 40s
    Directed By: Hayley Not...

  • Nous Nous Soulèverons (We Will Rise Up)

    In an inspired and powerful text, the talented Innu poet Natasha Kanapé Fontaine invites us to rise up to bring light to the world.

    Canada - 2015 - 4 m 12 s
    Directed By: Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
    Written By: Natasha Kanapé Fontaine