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Watch Band Ladies "Blitzkrieg Bop!"

Watch Band Ladies "Blitzkrieg Bop!"

Band Ladies "Blitzkrieg Bop!"

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  • Band Ladies "Orgasm Addict"

    Stephanie and Cindy both face rejection and the women embark on a punk education with their sights set on starting a band. They strive to recreate the passion of their debut, but their daily pressures and pain can’t be ignored, proving to be just the catalyst they need to truly let go.

  • Band Ladies "Should I Stay or Should ...

    Inspired to ask for exactly what they want, Penny starts dating again as tensions rise at home for Marnie. The band prepare to play a show with their new music, assured that they’ll dazzle the crowd. Chloe makes a big decision and Cindy sets wheels in motion for a tour when she secures a question...

  • Band Ladies "Search and Destroy"

    Kaley tries to solidify the Band Ladies’ brand, creating disruption as they prepare for their big (little) tour. A night out at a Gallery Opening sparks new friendships and challenges others. Penny redirects her focus, Chloe and Stephanie get lost together, Marnie and Cindy *discover a shared att...