When You Need Them

When You Need Them

Newport Beach Film Festival
Canadian Film Festival
Blood in the Snow Festival

Mark is a fool for love. With the help of his closest confidant, Kyle, he decides to go after the woman of his dreams. When Katie notices a creepy figure lurking outside her workplace, she hurries home. These clashing perspectives collide down a dark alley where romanticism gets a toxic hit of reality.

Canada - 2019 - 11mins
Directed By: Angela Besharah
Written By: Kelsey Flower
Starring: Kelsey Flower, Arlen Aguayo-Stewart, Mathieu Bourassa

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When You Need Them
  • When You Need Them

    Tribeca Film Festival
    Winner Toronto International Film and Video Awards

    Marcos is a lonely, Argentinean computer whiz living in New York City. Marcos finds comfort in gadgets and technology networks and is isolated from most human interaction or any type of social network. In an attempt to make...