Wapikoni Territory and Environment Programme One

Wapikoni Territory and Environment Programme One

A programme made up of short films that dive into the importance of land and water protection, and the connections they have with Indigenous culture and traditions, as well the respect and love for the territories that is expressed through language, action, and art.

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Wapikoni Territory and Environment Programme One
  • Shipu (River)

    Aware of numerous environmental dangers that the Innu territory faces, two young women, passionate about canoeing, remind us of the fundamental role of the rivers. "The ancestors' highways", as they are called in Innu culture. It is a documentary with political and poetical tones on the importanc...

  • Awaskinawason (The Children of the Earth)

    Awaskinawason is made up of the Atikamekw words awacic (child), aski (earth) and takonawason (having the responsibility for). An animated short calling on us to respect the great circle of life.

    Canada - 2015 - 3m
    Directed By: Antony Dubé

  • Kassinu

    Thanks to the testimony of a man on hunger strike to send a message to leaders on Indigenous land issues, a young woman proud of her Innu heritage illustrates her love for mother earth with images of her own experiences. She wants to raise awareness of environmental and Indigenous causes, which f...

  • Onactasowin

    Three young Atikamekws share their points of view on nature, deforestation and garbage.

    Canada - 2015 - 2m 30s
    Directed By: Claudie Ottawa

  • Names For Snow

    This short follows Rebecca Thomassie, an Inuk woman, around Kangirsuk as she learns the 52 Inuktitut words for snow.

    Canada - 2018 - 5m 58s
    Directed By: Rebecca Thomassie

  • Nuhe Nenë Boghílníh (Protecting our Homeland)

    This film wants to inspire the young generation to start caring about our lands and culture while raising awareness about the ravages of uranium mining in Patterson Lake, SK.

    Canada - 2017 - 3m 55s
    Directed By: Ashton Janvier

  • Onickakw! (Wake Up!)

    Onickakw is a reflection on Aboriginals and the dominant society. By surveying what makes up life within a community on the political, social, economic and environmental levels, this film is a call for change within the community.

    Canada - 2013 - 5m 26s
    Directed By: Sipi Flamand
    Written By: Sip...