Wapikoni Indigenous Women Programme One

Wapikoni Indigenous Women Programme One

A collection of short films that centre Indigenous women and the vital and grounding roles they play in Indigenous communities and in maintaining and passing along important traditions and teachings to the generations to come.

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Wapikoni Indigenous Women Programme One
  • Pitoc E Icinakosian

    Gerry and their big brother Jos show us that there is more to being different than bullying, discrimination and harassment.

    Canada - 2020 - 6m 1s
    Directed By: Gerry-Ottawa, Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé

  • Sokinaa Passkaan Aassisstoi (Healing Bells)

    Inspired by true events, and through an emotional approach, we discover resiliency through dance.

    Canada - 2020 - 4m 28s
    Directed By: Taylor Crowspreadshiswings
    Written By: Taylor Crowspreadshiswings

  • Auntie's Hands

    A film about the responsibility for bringing up children who become people who know and understand traditions, and who will care about carrying on cultures and passing on traditions to the coming generation.

    Canada - 2017 - 3m 43s
    Directed By: Gloria Morgan

  • Mahiganiec (Wolf Cub)

    Years ago a young girl disappeared in the woods. Raised by wolves, she is discovered one day, in the heart of the forest. An Algonquin legend about the close connection between humans and nature.

    Canada - 2017 - 5m 30s
    Directed By: Jacqueline Michel

  • Zuya (The Journey)

    Zuya is about the journey of a young Nakoda woman and her attempt to strike a balance between a more traditional lifestyle and the modern world around her. In the film we see this balance taking place through images of her dancing in traditional regalia as well as her involvement in the United Na...

  • Kitci nehirowiskwew (The Great Atikamekw Lady)

    Atikamekw-Nehirowisiw governance goes through women and harmony with the Nitaskinan, the territory. Kokom Cotit was inspired by this principle to manage her family territory.

    Canada - 2016 - 5m 17s
    Directed By: Elisa Moar, Sipi Flamand
    Written By: Elisa Moar, Sipi Flamand

  • Heli, Set ŧte sќál (Bringing Our Language Back To Life)

    HELI, SET ŦTE SḰÁL ȽTE, which means “Bringing our Language Back to Life”, highlights the language revitalization efforts happening in the WSANEC territory. Through prayer and song, the youth demonstrates the importance of carrying on their language and culture in their community.

    Canada - 2020 -...