Toronto Bites

Toronto Bites

3 Episodes

Chef Jeff Campagna tours the most multi-cultural city on Earth in a ravenous quest for the best that Toronto has to offer. From Shawarma to Ice cream, he eats more of it than any man should in a single day, all in the name of bringing you the verdict on who does it best.

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Toronto Bites
  • Toronto Bites: The King Shawarma

    Episode 1

    Chef Jeff makes his way around Toronto to find four of the most renowned chicken shawarma joints there are, in order to compare, contrast and judge, in order to declare one of them the King Shawarma. Let's go!

  • Toronto Bites: In the Big Apple

    Episode 2

    In this special Toronto Bites Abroad episode, Chef Jeff hits the city that never sleeps to bring you on the search for the biggest New York hoagie, a tour through some of Manhattan's most ethnically diverse food neighbourhoods, and finally lands on the most American dinner you can possibly imagin...

  • Toronto Bites: The Rocky Road to Dublin

    Episode 3

    In this special Toronto Bites Abroad episode, Chef Jeff takes you to Dublin Ireland and lets you in on the legendary Full Irish Fry, some dirty pub grub, the Guinness Factory, and finally he'll put Dublin's high-end culinary game to the test. Let's go!