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Join Melissa D’Agostino and Dale Boyer as they groove to some open source music, and hype amazing women! It’s a celebration of rad women who make the world. Check out the show live on Facebook on Wednesdays, and get in on the hype!

HypeNight #HypeNight

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  • Let's HYPE Elenna Mosoff!

    Episode 1

    Let’s HYPE incredible Digital Detox Coach and Camp Counsellor of the Universe, Elenna Mosoff!

  • Let's HYPE Tara Hunt!

    Episode 2

    Let’s #HYPE the incredible @MissRogue! #TaraHunt is one of the most Influential #WomenInTech & our guest tonight!

  • Let's HYPE Garvia Bailey!

    Episode 3

    Let's hype the broadcaster, host, and co-founder of www.JazzCast.ca, Garvia Bailey!

  • Let's HYPE Jane Schoettle!

    Episode 4

    Jane Schoettle is on HYPE NIGHT and we are PUMPED! She's a Film programmer who's worked with TIFF and Cannes film festivals, an animal lover, big reader, and voracious consumer of everything culture! Oh, and she was also the voice of Nightshade on C.O.P.S., so there.

  • Let's HYPE Erica Ehm!

    Episode 5

    Broadcaster, Interviewer, Songwriter, Disruptor... Icon.

    Tonight the amazing Erica Ehm joins HypeNight!! We are bringing all the #hype tonight for this multi-talented, incredible woman who has brought her skills and vision to so many aspects of media, the arts, and really, to be honest: all o...