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Join Melissa D’Agostino and Dale Boyer as they groove to some open source music, and hype amazing women! It’s a celebration of rad women who make the world. Check out the show live on Facebook on Wednesdays, and get in on the hype!

HypeNight #HypeNight

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  • Let's HYPE Nana aba Duncan

    Episode 1

    Let’s #HYPE the amazing host, interviewer and radio personality, Nana aba Duncan of #MediaGirlfriends and CBC’s Fresh Air!

  • Let's HYPE Melissa-Jane Shaw

    Episode 2

    Let's Hype the amazing actor, choreographer and fitness goddess, Melissa-Jane Shaw!

  • Let's HYPE Jennifer Podemski!

    Episode 3

    Let’s #HYPE the incredible actor, producer and champion for inclusivity in film and TV, Jennifer Podemski!

  • Let's HYPE Ann Pornel!

    Episode 4

    Let’s #HYPE the incredible comedian, actor and improviser, Ann Pornel!

  • Let's HYPE Anusree Roy!

    Episode 5

    Let’s #HYPE the amazing writer, actor, and activist, Anusree Roy!

  • Let's HYPE Alison Broverman!

    Episode 6

    Let’s #HYPE the spectacular journalist and restaurateur of #BorrelTO, Alison Broverman!

  • Let's HYPE Debra McGrath!

    Episode 7

    Let’s #HYPE the brilliantly talented comedian, actor and improvisor, Debra McGrath!

  • Let's HYPE Alice Moran!

    Episode 8

    Catch the exceedingly talented actor, writer, & improvisor Alice Moran as she talks, Second City, Arby's, and Crawford on this week's Hype Night!

  • Let's HYPE Jen Polo

    Episode 9

    Let’s HYPE the inspiring energy healer, reiki practitioner and wellness guide, Jen Polo of Heartspaces!

  • Let’s HYPE Nidhi Khanna

    Episode 10

    Let’s #HYPE the amazing producer, manager and director of events, Nidhi Khanna!

  • Let's HYPE Susan Coyne

    Episode 11

    Let's HYPE the magnificent actor, producer and writer, Susan Coyne!

  • Let's HYPE Aviva Armour-Ostroff

    Episode 12

    Let’s #HYPE the amazing film and theatre maker, Aviva Armour-Ostroff!

  • Let's HYPE Shaista Latif

    Episode 13

    Let's HYPE the amazing actor and theatre creator, Shaista Latif!