NOW PLAYING - Band Ladies

NOW PLAYING - Band Ladies

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Five women, sick of their repetitive lives and boring book club, find freedom by forming a punk band. When a video of their first performance makes the news, the heroines are forced to become more badass than they bargained for. Follow their journey as they are launched in to a music career where they discover true friendship, three chord progression, and the inner strength no one thought they had, least of all themselves.

NOW PLAYING - Band Ladies
  • Band Ladies Trailer

    Band Ladies is a darkly comedic digital original series about an uptight homemaker, a disillusioned lawyer, a desperate artist, an infertile millionaire and a love-sick flake, who turn their monthly Book Club into a Punk Band, and come alive when they finally come clean about their own regrets. A...

  • Band Ladies "Blitzkrieg Bop!"

    A regular book club meeting explodes into a night of rage and rocking out at an open mic. But when words are said that can’t be taken back and an incriminating video of their wild display makes waves, the women face the consequences in the light of day.

  • Band Ladies "Orgasm Addict"

    Stephanie and Cindy both face rejection and the women embark on a punk education with their sights set on starting a band. They strive to recreate the passion of their debut, but their daily pressures and pain can’t be ignored, proving to be just the catalyst they need to truly let go.

  • Band Ladies "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

    Inspired to ask for exactly what they want, Penny starts dating again as tensions rise at home for Marnie. The band prepare to play a show with their new music, assured that they’ll dazzle the crowd. Chloe makes a big decision and Cindy sets wheels in motion for a tour when she secures a question...

  • Band Ladies "Search and Destroy"

    Kaley tries to solidify the Band Ladies’ brand, creating disruption as they prepare for their big (little) tour. A night out at a Gallery Opening sparks new friendships and challenges others. Penny redirects her focus, Chloe and Stephanie get lost together, Marnie and Cindy *discover a shared att...

  • Band Ladies "Pretty Vacant: Part 1"

    An unexpected guest causes tempers to flare and tensions to rise as the band navigate HWY 69 on their way to their big gig. Penny and Marnie’s differences explode while Cindy's secret is exposed, forcing the Band Ladies to address their differences, making for one long drive.

  • Band Ladies "Pretty Vacant: Part 2"

    The Band Ladies pull in to Parry Sound with their gear in check and their friendships in pieces. Everything they’ve worked for hangs in the balance as the clock ticks towards showtime. When a disaster destroys their big break, Kaley has another plan and the Band Ladies have a choice: are you in o...

  • Band Ladies - Back Stage Premiere Q&A After Show

    A lockdown can't stop a punk premiere party! That's why the Band Ladies brought the red carpet online for an interactive Q&A with fans, so hop back stage on HighballTV and get to know the team of ladies behind Band Ladies!